Top Tips for Selling Your Property

  1. Make sure your property stands out from other properties available.  Stand back and review your external appearance.  Does your front garden need a mow or a weed, do your window frames or front door need a fresh lick of paint, can people see my house number?  Be honest with yourself when assessing works needed, unruly front gardens can make a property look unkempt and badly maintained.
  1. Declutter and De-personalize!  The words every estate agent uses and there is good reason for it.  We have all accumulated bits and pieces over the years and now is the time to store it away, throw it away or donate to charity.  Key areas are books, dvd’s and cd’s, ornaments and on counter kitchen appliances and tools.  De-personalize.  Buyers need to imagine the life they could create in your home.  Consider redecorating to get rid of any extreme décor or personalized themes.
  1. Clean.  And clean like you have never cleaned before.  A good clean should include skirting boards, windows and light fittings.  Unfortunately buyers are notoriously nosy and judgemental so make sure your oven is clean, the sealant around the bath or shower free from mould and staining and everywhere is cobweb free.
  1. Pets and Odours.  We all love our four legged or feathered friends, but unfortunately there are as many people that don’t like them as do.  Before a viewing make sure bedding/cages/food bowls/litter trays are cleaned and if possible removed.  Avoid strong cooking and food smells before a viewing.  Keep windows open and rooms aired.
  1. Light.  Try and let as much light as possible into your home.  Pull back the curtains, replace dim light bulbs with higher wattage (make sure your light bulbs work too) and repaint dark coloured rooms.  Make sure there are no overhanging bushes or trees taking the valuable light away from the windows.
  1. Repairs.  Make sure all those little jobs are done before viewers arrive.  Repair the wobbly door handle, make sure all the kitchen cabinets are squarely hung, fix the leaking tap in the bathroom.
  1. Lastly – Be honest with yourself.  Don’t start a job that you cannot finish or finish well.  One of the biggest ‘put offs’ to potential buyers is bad DIY.  If you don’t think you’re up to the task, call in a professional.